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For superior weather protection to cover roof deck structural expansion joints.


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bulletThe Crown Expansion Shield's EPDM bellows withstand the most extreme chemical and weather conditions without leakage. A 3/8" layer of closed-cell flexible foam is laminated to the EPDM bellows cover, which insulates the bellows and allows expansion, eliminating stress at the seam.
bulletEasy, one step splicing application provides long-life waterproof protection. Saves money.
bulletAvailable in galvanized, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum; with 4", 5", 6",  8", 10", &12" bellows. Manufactured for straight flange, curb or curb-to-wall applications.
bulletFull line of factory-made fittings insure a perfect fit. Saves time.
bulletDouble-lock connection between metal and bellows assures a weather-tight seam.
bulletConveniently packaged in 50-ft. straight flange rolls, and 10-ft. curb application lengths, for easy handling and minimum splicing.


Where should Roof Expansion
Joints be used?
bulletWhen structural alterations or additions are made to an existing building.
bulletWhen the building length exceeds 200 feet.
bulletWhen the deck material changes (i.e. from poured concrete to steel).
bulletWhen building a T, U, or L-shaped structure.
bulletWhen the direction of the structural framing changes.

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